Green Tea Leaves
Green Tea Leaves
Green Tea Leaves

Green Tea Leaves

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Green Tea(Enriched with antioxidant),Refresh and revitalize with high quality green tea.Improves memory, Boosts immunity, Benefits the heart, Hydrates the body, Reduces cancer risk, Facilitates weight loss, Improves artery function, Regulates glucose levels,Reduces the risk of hypertension, Increase HDL(Good) cholesterol, High in antioxidants and fights free radicals, Blocks the oxidation of LDL ( bad ) cholesterol.
Take 3 to 4 cups in a day or as recommended by the physician, it should be ideally taken on empty stomach before meals.
Brewing Method:
(1) Use 2-4 grams of tea,* per cup. (2) Fill a kettle with normal water and bring to a boil. (3) After unplugging the kettle, add green tea leaves & allow it to stand for up to 2 minutes, do not add milk. (4) Add Brown Sugar/stevia/honey for taste.

Brand 3G organic
Container Type Pouch
Organic Yes