Hibiscus Powder
Hibiscus Powder
Hibiscus Powder

Hibiscus Powder

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Hibiscus which is most commonly known as Gudhal is extremely beneficial for hair health. It initiates the healthy growth of hair and also helps to make them strong. Many people complain about the poor hair health and use a lot of chemical based products. However, these hair products do no good for their hair and even worsen the condition. Hair loss, split ends, itchy scalp, thin hair etc. are some of the most common hair problems among people. Using hibiscus is thus great to get long and strong hair. It contains the amino acid, vitamin A, C, alpha hydroxyl etc. which provides an adequate amount of nutrition to the body. Thus, let’s discuss in detail about the benefits of using hibiscus in hair.


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Hibiscus powder contains a lot of medicinal properties and specially used as an effective herb for numerous reasons. Some of the most noted benefits that are related to hibiscus powder are detailed below:

Improves Digestion
Hibiscus is a mild diuretic, which eases constipation and regulates bowel movement. It also prevents colorectal cancer by keeping the gastrointestinal system healthy.

Model Name Hibiscus Powder
Formula Powder
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Suitable Hair Type All Hair Types
Hair Texture All Hair Types
Country of Origin India