Jamun Powder Organic
Jamun Powder Organic
Jamun Powder Organic

Jamun Powder Organic

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Categories: Nut And Suppliments

Jamun powder Known as the fruit with many health advantages, 3g organic presents the Jamun powder that can be used each day throughout the year. The blackberry or jamun is being used by the Ayurveda since ages for the treatment of disease like diabetes. This is not just regarded as one of the healthy snacks in many parts of the world but this tropical plum-like fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals. Each part of the tree has some of the medicinal value that makes this an important part of the clinical and medicinal theory. Being rich with qualies for beer living, this summer fruit powder is one of the best alternaves that you can consume each day.

Type Nutrition
Store Cool and Dry Palace
Form Powder
Weight 100Gms
Brand 3g Organic
Country of Origin India