Multani Mitti Powder Face Pack
Multani Mitti Powder Face Pack

Multani Mitti Powder Face Pack

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3G Organic Multani Mitti is a gentle exfoliating agent & a natural source of Magnesium Chloride that is known to reduce sun burn and inflammation. It is also known as Indian Healing Clay or Bentonite Clay. It Offers extra ordinary cooling effect that lead to distress and refresh the skin. It tend to improve complexion and texture of skin. Regular use helps to remove tan, reduce wrinkle, tightens open pores and nourishes the skin. Great natural cleanser for skin with earthy aroma. Healing clay besides being a cosmetic mask is also a therapeutic alternative that can purify your skin naturally without any of those harsh chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, dyes and sulfates. With it, you can detoxify your pores in a cinch and remove those unwanted blackheads and whiteheads seamlessly just like having a pricey extraction facial. Multani Mitti has been researched as an effective way to remove some of the fluoride that is often in drinking water.When combined with magnesium, the clay has been shown to benefit the purity of tap water, which leads to some promising possibilities for using it in the future as a widespread cost-effective water purification method. Bentonite clay hair treatments are quite a mainstay in most women’s hair recipes. The clay has many benefits that can be applied for natural hair, damaged hair, dry hair and many other hair conditions. Some reviews have also shown that bentonite clay hair growth results are actually true and pleasing. Take 1 Teaspoon Powder in a Bowl , mix with water / Rose water. Apply over the face/Skin, leave it for 15-20 minutes till dry then Rinse off with water.

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